Lean Bakery creates uncompromising products for clients who demand transparent and highly collaborative partnerships.
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This process requires motivated and agile heros who can jump in and get their hands down to plan and roll out loveable products of value from scratch.


  • Great products are built by great teams. You seek collaboration with the team, the client and with end-users.
  • Your skills are critical to everything we do: Design combines Brand-, User- and Overall-Experience to leverage our products and services from good to outstanding.
  • Growth matters – as the team grows, you want to grow in expertise and soft skills. You play an active role in every member’s growth.
  • As we often enter unkown territory and are keen trying out new methods and concepts so are you willing to rise your knowledge and share your experience aswell as debrief and iterate your own process.
  • Our products are mostly digital and very often on different screens and devices. Beside designing for those your are sometimes challenged with offline/paper prototypes or design benchmark projects that could possibly end up in a big media installation somewhere in an abandoned night club.

Alright, let's flex those muscles!


  • Conversation-proof English is a must.
  • You live the web. You seek inspiration and have your own thoughts. You build and improve constantly.
  • You are confident designing beautiful products, you think meta and you easily keep up a global mindset.
  • And you easily organize yourself with lifecycle and project management tools.
  • No need to be an expert in HTML/CSS but an understanding how the web works will help.
  • We provide you the software you need. However, you know what you are doing and have deep knowledge of those tools.
  • Your areas of work include, but are not limited to: Webdesign, Mobile App Design, Product Design, Logo Design and sometimes also print products such as flyers or business material.
  • We don’t care about school education. We are looking for a creative weirdo, a kick-ass UI Designer by heart.


  • You imagine and build the future internet with a slick team of committed professionals, innovators and visionaries.
  • Continuous learning, we're about not just to keep pace of web development but to set benchmarks.
  • Take a part in design and concept of innovative tools and brands.
  • Consult and inspire people around the globe at eye level, from the consumer to the business magnate.
  • We're deeply connected with the Bavarian startup-culture.
  • Flexible working time and remote working opportunities – because you know, it's all about the internet.


You are heartly welcome to moonwalk in!

We would like to see what you have done in the past, please provide some sample of your latest work.

Send your résumé to Florian: florian.bergmann@leanbakery.com