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<p>The art of solving problems and failing</p>

The art of solving problems and failing

What a time to be alive: The human race developed a way of solving actual problems with solutions that add value to others by designing a business model that is profitable for everyone. Of course not all ideas are the successful, the art of failing is very important. Only those who know what does not work will figure out what works ~ Confucius.
Our interdisciplinary team of digital pioneers, skilled nerds and business model enthusiasts loves to solve problems and helps you to master challenges.

We design, craft and scale up digital products and companies. To achieve this we have a proven set of tools depending on the project. See the following example of our lean process:

<p>Idea Creation</p>

Idea Creation

Understand and evaluate the problem and design an idea. We use tools like a Business Model Canvas, a Value Proposition Canvas or develop a simple visualisation to get the whole picture. However, a lot of post-its and whiteboards are involved in this step. This phase also includes to check what are the key resources, who is an existing or rising competitor, what makes the ideas approach unique? We are deeply connected in the startup ecosystem but very keen to learn about new expertise. Our great team of developers also helps you to get an idea of technical possibilities.

<p>Prototyping &amp; Valuation</p>

Prototyping & Valuation

While a certain solution seem a good idea to some, it could be a not so good solution for others. To get an early proof if the idea solves a problem or adds value to others we emphasize on validating it. A Validation Board serves to check hypotheses with real life persons (paper drawings, digital / interactive drafts & prototypes, voting, asking existing customers). Once the riskiest assumptions are validated, and we’ve gathered more information from potential users we re-evaluate the idea.

<p>Minimal Viable Product</p>

Minimal Viable Product

Since we’ve learned what our potential customers needs and concerns are, we are now able to build a solid MVP. A MVP does not necessarily mean that it is a fully automated system, sometimes a simple form could be enough with a human-interface (literally a person) that answers your requests. Some MVPs are more complex and might need some calculations or interactive visualizations or even a mobile app. However, the goal is not to build a feature finished product but a fast and cheap approach to test our validated learning with real customers.

<p>User Tests &amp; Interviews</p>

User Tests & Interviews

Through integration of various analytics and user monitoring tools but also offline interviews with customers on and off their point of decision we constantly evaluate if the product solves the actual needs. We’ve created a lean approach to get results fast and cheap.

<p>Iterative Product Realisation</p>

Iterative Product Realisation

The MVP is a very good point to start to build a feature rich and fully working product. To do so, we add tracking for everything in the MVP and do user- and A/B-testing to see what works best. While iterating the product features within (typically) 2 week sprints we are crafting the final (okay, what is final those days?) product.

<p>Operations &amp; Scaling</p>

Operations & Scaling

If needed we are a good partner for Operation and Scaling. On the one hand we can be the helping hand to select good candidates that are in charge of the business, on the other hand we can operate positions on an interim basis. We perform best when it comes to consulting a business on scaling and/or further development options. We also love to be involved as partner in your product or company.