We craft & design digital products

innovate. sleep. repeat.


The success of your digital product depends on various factors. With our approach you can maximize your odds.

What keeps you up at night? For us its new technologies and paradigms that lead to new possibilities. With different methods we want to build products that fit market needs, remove friction and scale them to a sustainable business. Challenge us with a problem and
let's see if we can help your customers and your company to relieve pain, extend your business model or change the way you work. If you want we can also think about joint ventures, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

We are a team of digital innovators and tech-addicted nerds. Our web development roots date back to the year 1999.

Technologies such as JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and many more are the foundation of our Tech Stack. With Frameworks and Techniques such as NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Electron or Blockchain & Ethereum we build web-based software that matters.
Our aspiration is to stay curious and keen about the new kids on the block but also evaluate them with sense to know its strength and weaknesses. Our team is set up to work together over all offices and international, so we can offer you the right expert for your problem.

One of our credo is: 'Innovate or die'. Since world and society are constantly evolving, so should your business do.

We support, design and initiate startup incubators and accelerators. With an individual tailored program for different markets and industries we help startups, corporations and ecosystems to succeed in innovating and disrupting their status quo while outgrowing their competitors.
Besides mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs we can also help you build and operate an accelerator or incubator. For this we've created a framework to foster worldwide strong startup and VC relations within weeks.

Lifelong learning should be fun. Our educational events leave the opportunity for individual skill and knowledge development.

We believe innovation and inspiration is highly connected. Thus, our educational events aim to be outside of traditional presentations and target a broader, more active workshop style.
Furthermore we've designed guided conference experiences to maximize your attendance on conferences such as SXSW, Web Summit or Slush conference. We can also help you with hackathons, pitch days or barcamps.
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