Our approach to design, prototype and build digital minimal viable products that can scale to production.
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Our zero to first user acceleration tool

Everything is possible might be one of the concepts that Schrödingers cat can relate to: Until you try to grow your idea into an actual product you never know if it works.
With bakerplate we’ve developed a tool, technology and methodology to speed up the building of uncompromising products with one simple goal: Proof that it works and scale it in production or iterate if it doesn’t.


Unparalleled progressive technology that just works
We removed the pain from days of configuration and setting up development environments. With bakerplate we’ll build an individual progressive web app with state-of-the-art open source tech and bestpractise under the hood just for you.

Modularised and agile by nature
At it’s core the bakerplate combines some of the most popular and supportive frameworks while keeping them maintainable and exchangeable. Our convention driven approach also helps to unboard team members and replace parts of the app at full speed.

Save time & resources
Until now we’ve spent more than 1.500 hours to build the bakerplate foundation so you don’t have to. Within hours we can start building your actual products features and make the progress visible as soon as possible and hassle-free for you to put resources on your the idea.

Your contact person

Friedrich Stoller