Our approach to design, prototype and build digital minimal viable products that can scale to production.
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We accelerate the Go-To-Market of digital products

Because there is no better way to be convinced of an idea, than by an MVP with satisfied or even willing to pay users?

That is why we have designed our Bakerplate-approach to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your digital product within two to four weeks. During this time we focus - always in close cooperation with you - on the development of a Progressive Web App (PWA) based on a high-quality and flexible open source code.

Contact us and prove within one month that your product idea is successful!

<i class='small'>Bakerplate-Algorithm</i><br/>Achieve your goals faster with automated development

Achieve your goals faster with automated development

Fast doesn't mean less good for us. On the contrary, our experts have developed an automated algorithm that allows us to develop a tailor-made, high-performance product in a very short time, which can be extended to market maturity and then scaled.

Rely on growth and performance by developing your digital product with a modular and modern technology and choose the Bakerplate to build your individual software.

<i class='small'>Focused</i><br/>Added value for users

Added value for users

With the Bakerplate, no unnecessary resources are wasted on the way of implementing your idea, because we initially only develop the most important core functions to test user acceptance. Each further development is then based not only on assumptions, but also on data-driven evaluations and real feedback from first users.

Involve your users right from the start, inspire them and generate small revenues, if this is part of your business model.

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Further advantages
Reasons for the Bakerplate

Unparalleled progressive technology that just works

We removed the pain from days of configuration and setting up development environments. With bakerplate we’ll build an individual progressive web app with state-of-the-art open source tech and bestpractise under the hood just for you.

Modularised and agile by nature

At it’s core the bakerplate combines some of the most popular and supportive frameworks while keeping them maintainable and exchangeable. Our convention driven approach also helps to unboard team members and replace parts of the app at full speed.

Save time & resources

Until now we’ve spent more than 1.500 hours to build the bakerplate foundation so you don’t have to. Within hours we can start building your actual products features and make the progress visible as soon as possible and hassle-free for you to put resources on your the idea.

Your contact person

Friedrich Stoller