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Objektiv gesehen brauchen wir Dich im Team, um unsere Produktivität zu steigern.
Aber wir sprechen nicht von Objektivität. Wir sprechen von einem Team aus kreativen Genies und intuitiven Masterminds, die vom Herzen getrieben werden. Wir sprechen von Inspiration.
Unterstütze uns als...

Javascript Developer

We look for ReactJS / SPA superheros.

Ruby on Rails Developer

We look for Ruby on Rails developers.

Full Stack Web Developer (Working Student)

From Server to Client: We work with Ruby on Rails, Node.js and React

eCommerce Developer

You build apps with Magento, Shopware and creative Business Solutions.


Lean Bakery creates uncompromising products for clients who demand transparent and highly collaborative partnerships. This process requires motivated and agile heros who can jump in and get their hands down to plan and roll out loveable products of value from scratch.