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Innovate or Die

Your current business model will most likely die withing 15-30 years. This might make you feel uncomfortable and it should. The future belongs to those challenging the status quo, adapting new technologies and paradigmes and keep breaking their boundaries on a constant level. We can help you building programs to innovate within your corporation and also connect with the most relevant upcoming startups to keep up with future developments or just give it a shot.

What is the difference between an Accelerator, Incubator & Co.

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defintion of incubator


definition of accelerator

Innovation Hub / Lab

definition of company builder x innovation hub

What we offer


With our Netowrk of Mentors we are able to support young and growing projects.


Coaching targets on improving processes and tackling problems at a very early stage. In young startup programs this is a urgent need…


Operate from designing the program and selection criteria to facilitation of space: We got you covered…

Startup relations

We are deeply connected within the startup ecosystem and can help you communicate your program and market it in the ecosystem.

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